Here are the trichordist prices from February 2014



The payments I have received over the last year have been very different than the payments published in the trichordist in February 2014.  There are a number of possible reasons for this.  Firstly all services have such differing values dependant on the territory from which the songs were streamed.  This often relates to the number of subscribers and the cost of the subscription in any given territory.  The Xbox Music value .03212 is probably about the value of the streams I have had from the US, in fact the US Xbox streams peaked a little higher at around $.037.  To put that into context Xbox streams from Germany have been coming in at around $.027,  and Xbox streams from the UK at a sublime $.084.

The second reason for the mis-matched prices are the subscription types.  The Spotify prices have an enormous variety.  The premium subscription prices are usually over the $.01 mark, and i had some from Switzerland at $.017.  The freemium tier streams tend to come in closer to the $.0006 mark on average, but they are so variable that an average becomes a little meaningless.  The Nokia prices I have received from the UK have been between $.002 and $.003 which is not even close to the $.07411 that was published here.

The Deezer prices have similar variety.  I have had streams from the Netherlands coming in at a high of $.032 and UK lows of $.00004.


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